By: Marlen Salazar

My hope is that we can forget about hate,
our prejudices, our unneeded bias.

Forget about making others feel bad about themselves,
oppressing them for being different.
We can forget about our pointless wars,
and instead, focus on restoring peace and order.

My hope is that no one will remain silent.
We will speak out for the silenced voices.
We will be the voice of reason and peace.

Listen to both sides of the story
before we judge each other.

False knowledge will become true
and understood well.

No more people are lonely
for they have people to go to
for comfort. For hugs. For anything.

No more locking ourselves
in rooms, with towels, lighters, and blades.
Blood no longer spilled over our own sadness.

No more tears streaming down red and swollen eyes,
hugging ourselves, as if it would lessen the burden
of sorrow and sadness
in small, dark closets and rooms.

The day we see beauty in everything,
even the ugly things, and cry.

Not to be plagued by harsh criticism
but instead love.

My hope is for a perfect world
where hate doesn’t exist.