Perfect Me

By: Esther Lee

I am a perfectionist. Even a simple task will take me a long time to complete. I often overdo things and when something is not faultless, I will hate it. I never turn in a project that isn’t exactly the way I want it. That’s why, while some students only spend two to three minutes on a project; I spend two to three days on it. I stay up late on some nights because of the urge to finish an assignment and make it right.

It is hard for me to show typical effort. Especially with the teachers and classmates expecting so much from me. Once I turn in a project that is beyond expectations, they will expect the same quality from me for the rest of the year. They tell me they know I will do an extraordinary job on a project. This builds a lot of pressure and fretfulness. 

I strive to be the best and to reach the ideal, to never make a mistake in my work. I have an awful habit of being bad-tempered and argumentative when something isn’t how I want it. Being like this brings in the issue of selfishness. Another trait that is unwanted. 

I’ve been told I have trouble with managing my time effectively and that I need to be more productive. I need to finish all the requirements first and then after that, I can include the extra details. 

At times, being a perfectionist has its benefits; however most of the time, I feel it would be better if I wasn’t one. I guess nobody can have everything they crave for. But since life isn’t perfect, I shouldn’t have to be either.