The Race

By: Natalie Gartland

The start of the race isn’t always easy
They say to just put one foot in front of the other
Then repeat
How can you repeat that when you’re racing to find yourself?

People are always around you trying to be a motivation
But all they are is a dictator
They say, “do this” “be that”
You stumble in confusion and eventually
You fall

You’re on the ground
Scared and lost
People are continuing to shout and command
In all the commotion, you have to find your own voice
The softest one of all
The one that has the most to say

You get up and keep running
You can see the finish line
The other’s voices are fading
You’re going to make it
You’re going to make it
You’ve made it
You’ve finally discovered you

Now how do you feel?