The Weird Stuff In My Head

By: Michael Cartwright

The weird stuff in my head,
can confuse thousands,
like a llama driving a car.

The unnatural stuff in my head
is pure nightmare fuel,
pumping through my veins into my brain.

The unusual stuff in my head,
is just sick and twisted to an extreme.

Have you ever seen a crooked life sized doll,
limping around a dark hallway.
You more than likely haven’t.

Have you ever pictured,
a hospital,
for bananas.

Have you ever imagined,
a giant head,
filled with jello and pudding pops.

Have you ever
ate a nice meal then watched tv,
while on fire.

Have you ever
wore pants,
made out of beef jerky.

You probably haven’t heard of these
strange and disturbing things.

But they all exist

in my head.
My sick and twisted