Once Glorious

By: Anonymous

There was once a bright, new, shiny car
with a big engine and all a child’s wildest dreams within.
This noble stallion would speed through all the others,
roaring by them like a lion chasing its prey
through its black-floored, circular jungle.
The shining beast would be dominant every time,
its metal body like golden armor glinting in the sun,
transforming it into a bolt of light
shooting, unmatched and elegant, through the tournament with overpowering growls,
and many followers cheering it on throughout its long, exhausting path to victory.
But, on this proud animal’s final race to glory,
it found that its opponent, a beautiful creature even more magnificent than him,
was screaming past him with such untamed fury he couldn’t believe it.
After the terrifyingly horrible race,
this defeated beast felt its hard, steel body
being lifted to a dark, dusty, unwelcoming wooden garage,
with all the other once proud, shiny, even glorious predators,
that had also once chased their own prey,
feeling free and invincible,
a blur of color, shooting through the air,
now sitting all rusted and broken,
also abandoned by the user,
who thought, even though perfectly good,
they weren’t good enough anymore.
And now, our powerful, untamed stallion
has also been replaced by a newer, faster vehicle,
now among the once glorious.