By: Amanda Akridge

I could spend an eternity upstairs reading.
Under the covers reading, hiding like a bear for winter.
Skimming the pages all day.
In the world of Anne.
Flip, Flip, Flip, Go the pages.
Her always saying Anne spelled with an “e”.
Trying to get those freckles to go away with bright yellow lemon juice.
and turning her hair green. YIKES!
Always smiling and learning all day.
Skipping home through “Lover’s Lane” just like a rabbit...
Me, in the shoes of Anne.
Always laughing and wanting to cry with her.
At some points I am lying on my bed and roaring with laughter.
I am in the world of Anne all summer long.
Just as I am reading, I hear a knocking sound against my door.
The boom on the floor lets me know who it is.
“What are you doing in there?”
The time is ticking while they are intruding upon my time! UGH!
I tell them that I am “reading”!
But as soon as they ask what I’m reading about,
I tell them about the utopia planet of Anne.
Even though they have wandered on to something else,
I am still in the world of Anne.
Ignoring all they say,
thinking about what Anne and I will do next,
side by side.
And when I finish, I am still in the world
of the strong and red-headed girl.
Always so energetic like I would like to be.
The world of that spunky Anne,
imagining what we will do next side by side.