Elementia books



By Alexandra Miller

Turning book pages taking a journey, a mystical adventure

Why Reading Is So Important To The World

By Leanne Chun

Reading. Books. Even if the two are generally frowned upon in our day and age, they shouldn’t be. Books are the things that raised our nation.

Simple Words

By Rylee Wilson

How could reading be an option? It definitely could not. I think of all the books I've read that will not easily be forgot.

The stories that stay inside my head. The characters that become my friend. The books that made me laugh out loud. The ones where I cried at the end.


By Alexandra Miller

Books everywhere, open one and hear the sounds of a market in Cairo. Open one and smell the crisp air of the mountains. Open one and see the torrential rain in London. Open one and feel the passion of two lovers. Open one and share in the thoughts, the ideas of a criminal. Open one and take a jou

Pen to Paper

By Alexandra Miller

Pencil joins with paper. At once, a pattern of words begins to flow and spread about the page stories of another world of creatures unknown to man of sports played on the moon alone fairytales, fiction, novels, biographies


By Alexandra Miller

Crack the spine loudly. Savor the pages fragrance Consume the content. Turn the pages slowly. Continue reading aloud. Voice calls me away. Return to the book. Curling up to read again The page comes to life. Battle villains, win, travel, a faraway place at the climax, end. Close the book for


By Amanda Akridge

I could spend an eternity upstairs reading. Under the covers reading, hiding like a bear for winter. Skimming the pages all day. In the world of Anne. Flip, Flip, Flip, Go the pages. Her always saying Anne spelled with an “e”. Trying to get those freckles to go away with bright yellow lemon juice