Me, the Book

By: Emily Kohnen

I am a story
my existence made for people to enjoy.
They skip over me
to see only the things they want to see
not what they need to see.

They can rewrite me
with harsh words that bring tears
which blur my text so no one will know.

They judge me by my dull and dreary cover
but inside the chapters of my life
are full of exquisite stories.

My climax is the high point in my life.

I am bound till someone opens me
and I open with a bang!

My eyes see significant things that count
my ears hear the “I love you’s” and the “I love you too’s”
and I feel the good things in life
this all goes down in my pages.

They think of me as a normal, not-so-extraordinary, next to nothing in my social status
but everyone has something unique on the inside
and it will come out with a sigh of relief.

Animals make up most of the words on my page
for they are my passion.

All this is me
and to see it in you
look through the pages and
pages of your life story
for only you can write it