U, I, and Growing Up

By: Eric Gunnarson

i, the definitive
the only you in the world
i am and you are individual
we are separate
we are absolute masters
of our individual perceived universes.

we do not converge, but in passing
we never finished each others sentences
we did grow apart
as we are meant to
you moved on into your world
i stayed stagnant
in mine

the years are not the problem
the problem is a repetition
of this grand delusion
that i can be more than me myself

i want more than me
i want more than what you became
i wanted to be the best
but lost sight of the fact that one can only
best and be bested
there can be no we in a fight to the finish
and so we sit, in our own little worlds

sometimes in a fleeting moment
i see you, the outer you.
you see what i want you to see
and we will walk by each other as shells
we were eggs once
we were not separate
but birth tore our union asunder
my brother.