New Sport

By Angela Clem

Lead between my eyes,

it moves faster than you think.

I know it’s hard to tell from your point of view,

but it’s almost impossible for me to realize it even

happened in the first place

Don’t worry.

The Job of a Catcher

By Connor Durham

Seeing out onto the entire field and beyond,

Like seeing out onto a battlefield during a war

While being guarded by the tools of ignorance,

Being the catcher like the general of the team.


By Joe Murray

I am an athlete,

trying to train hard;

to reach the top.


I get knocked down,

but then I get right back up.

To continue on.

To be a champion.

I am an athlete.

Crimson and Blue

By Gus Brandmeyer

There is crimson and blue on the floors,

Where the players shoot, shoot, shoot, and score,

In the stands the crowd cheers,

For all of Lawrence to hear,

Basketball is in our DNA,

Ever since James Nai,

The Walk On

By Daniel Markiewicz

The fans knew it was the end

Their championship hopes were looking as bleak as a stormy night

As the star player fell down in fear

There was a crack that was clear

For his leg bone was fractured with an ambulance near

Gold Medal

By Carolyn Nuss

The diver and the coach as still as a rock

Because the diver failed her dive because she balked

The coach’s eyes were filled disappointment and fear

But do not worry she will better next year

She will be better next year


By Anonymous

Someone’s skin tells a more powerful story than that person can, more often than not. Marbled skin stretched flawlessly over tight muscles and thin bones, rough skin piled over fleshy arms and tree trunk-like skeletons.