Gold Medal

By: Carolyn Nuss

The diver and the coach as still as a rock
Because the diver failed her dive because she balked
The coach’s eyes were filled disappointment and fear
But do not worry she will better next year
She will be better next year

Next year came around and she was a gold medal
Hurdling the board with a graceful hop
She pressed down the board as if it were a pedal
Soon she was flying airborne, and then a sudden drop
KaPlunk was her splash
KaPlunk was her splash

The diver was finally ready for her first meet
But now she had a terrible ache in her feet
The coach rubbed and tugged with all her might
But the ache was putting up a really good fight
It was the diver’s turn on the board

And the more she walked the more her feet soared
She tried to just push away the pain
And luckily to her gain
The diver delightfully dominated the meet
Which the coach thought was sweet
But she kept saying it’s only the first meet
It’s only the first meet

The next meet came and was full of thrills
The diver thanked her coach for making her do lots of drills
The diver could almost see the excitement in the air
When her name was called for gold and all was fair
Don’t get her wrong she was having a ball
But the next meet was really worth it all

The final meet was a success and all her dives were perfectly done
But when her name was called for silver it surprised a ton
She almost felt the gold medal around her neck
She could hear the crowd gasp in awe
She could smell the bitterness of her coach’s scowl
She could taste the sourness in her throat

No gold medal for the diver
She would settle with silver
There was a silence from the coach
And the diver shed a tear
But do not worry she will be better next year
She will be better next year