The Walk On

By: Daniel Markiewicz

The fans knew it was the end
Their championship hopes were looking as bleak as a stormy night
As the star player fell down in fear
There was a crack that was clear
For his leg bone was fractured with an ambulance near

A new player who was skinny and scrawny stepped up
His legs were fragile chicken wings ready for air
“Booo!” said the crowd not wanting more
And the man turned red just wanting to score
The teammates were wanting a win most of all
The coach told the man to go out there, making the call

As the crowd yelled mean words at the coach
The player was determined to do many things
Determined to pass – determined to dribble – determined to score
Whoosh, as the opponent ran past the man
Scoring the ball into the garbage can
The man was embarrassed, letting the team down
As they were losing by one and he had a frown
His face was red as a tomato with determination and anger
He called for the ball, yet no one would listen
The coach filled with anger started to crack
As he just wanted to have his star player back

The man got the ball and didn’t look back
He dribbled down the court, this was his moment
The light, loose ball was like his baby
He was not giving it up for anyone, not today
The lane was open his team down by one
And he seemed to be able to just get it done

With a burst of blazing speed he drives the lane
As he lifts up his body and neck like a large crane
He releases the ball but gets shoved down
The rim says no and rejects the ball
As the game’s final buzzer makes its last call
But wait there’s more! They all hear a whistle
The man got fouled and gets two free throws
Swish, as the first shot goes in the hoop
Silence-Silence, the crowd erupts as he drains the second shot
The fans are crazy-the arena goes nuts
As the coach sits back, thanking his guts