The Job of a Catcher

By: Connor Durham

Seeing out onto the entire field and beyond,

Like seeing out onto a battlefield during a war

While being guarded by the tools of ignorance,

Being the catcher like the general of the team.

This is the job of a catcher

The vice president to the coach some say.

Getting an earful of the smack of the ball into the glove,

And the ping off the aluminum bat and seeing the ball soaring into left field.

This is the job of a catcher

On a dusty and chalky dirt field in May,

I have so much weight on my shoulders,

While still keeping my composure to show the team I can handle it.

This is the job of a catcher

To step up and be the leader of the team.

I play until my knees say no more,

Then I have done my job

the right way.