Elementia bodies



By Sofia Calavitta

Too long we have forgotten The story of breath in our lungs

Depending on who you ask We started from clay, dust, Half of a ribcage, the salt of the Earth, the water of the sea; The old gods.

The Basics

By Cathy Wang

My brain likes to run amuck.     Some days it gets stuck on the same thought: You are in love with someone and they do not love you. You ate too much today and are now chubby, too chubby in fact to be loved by anybody. You will never achieve anything of importance in your life. You are a terrible

Dear Body

By Melissa Herzberg

Dear Body, I’m sorry  For all of the hate you're given I know you're just trying to make a living And go on with your life as it is But every day you're seen in a mirror And at that moment you’re seen clearer Even when I’m just looking down It takes a lot not to turn around I cause you so much pa