By Katie Chung

I have tried to paint this beautifully
in swirling pastels of childhood
like Vaseline over a camera lens
hazes of slow-motion imagery
if it’s naive to believe in changing the world
then I am still a fool
a child’s helpless grasp on hope

All-American Adolescence

By Riley Strait

Tomorrow, I will worry about the future.
But today, I wallow in the past.

Tomorrow, I will be 16 and trying to remember
if the derivative of arcsin is one over
or square-root-of-u-squared-minus-one.

Spaghetti Boyfriend

By Emma Anderson

You were my
Spaghetti boyfriend
Full of spaghetti
That’s all I really
Know about you

You were my
Only friend
Full of potential
It’s strange how I don’t
Remember you


By Claire Christie

The place many memories were made, where laughs echo throughout the woods. Splashes into the water below can still be heard and felt on a hot summer’s day. The rope that hangs, worn and weathered from young hands, gripping it tightly.

The End

By Michelle Chan

As children everything is pure
Endless and pure
As you age you notice the stars
Burnt out memories light years away
Only if you can see them
Past your city lights and suburbs.
In their memory we keep living on
And amongst our betrayal and companions

Just a Driveway

By Jillian Dunlay

Laughter chirps through my ears

A forever perfect


In this imperfect world


Sunshine frames the chalk lines

Every colorful streak

A reflection of my friends

A reflection of myself


Thriving in our child-like ways

Ode to Green Twist Ties

By Audrey Beckman

At the grocery store
In the days of our youth
The green twist ties were the best part.

So easily entertained were we
With these simple pliable toys
Laughing and forming new shapes.

The War Between Kids and Adults

By Ian O’Brien

As our war rages on, I’m caught in a crossfire.
One side shrieks its anthem of misguided hope.
The other, facing reality’s certain dread head on.
While I, a teenager caught in the midst of battle, seek refuge.

I Was a Kid

By Annie Barry

I was sitting in my private school, around age 8
The religion teacher said, everyone sit in a circle
Don’t speak
Close your eyes
Raise your hand when you hear God speaking to you
One by one each child raised their hand
I sat