The War Between Kids and Adults

By: Ian O’Brien

As our war rages on, I’m caught in a crossfire.
One side shrieks its anthem of misguided hope.
The other, facing reality’s certain dread head on.
While I, a teenager caught in the midst of battle, seek refuge.
The children clash swords of dispute, while adults fire bullets of truth,
While both of them bleed clashing philosophies.
I look over my bruised shoulder to see two survivors fighting,
A dad and his daughter.
Seeping broken putrid alcohol,
She breaks his shield: 
With longing willful tears,
He slices open her hand with a dagger —
Made of twenty dollar bills.
She cracks each knife with bloodied talent and dreams.
The tainted child lashes out with ambitious ferocity:
An untamable beast.
Her father calmly deflecting every futile attempt, 
with unreachable expectations and exploitation.
As the war rages on,
What choice do I have?