By Magda Werkmeister

oh my gosh what song is this

oh my god is it that song

that song i first heard

god it must have been the summer before middle school

listen to those horns

it must have been npr’s all songs considered

Ode to Green Twist Ties

By Audrey Beckman

At the grocery store

In the days of our youth

The green twist ties were the best part.

So easily entertained were we

With these simple pliable toys

Laughing and forming new shapes.

Dirty Sponges

By Peter Mombello

The tabletop


With years of paint.

A paint knife

A sponge

A cup of water

The only things that remove years of memories

A fresh palate

Orange watercolor

Pink tempura

Black acrylic

The Sweet Curse of Nostalgia

By Sankara “Le prince heritier” Olama-Yai

I love the smell of cigarette smoke 

Not because I’m a smoker, I love the smell because 

It takes me back, back to the piss stained streets 

That raised me, where the overwhelming aroma

Of freshly lit cigarettes plagued the air 


By Anna Schmeer

Your polaroids next to my polaroids

Yours taken with your ‘new’ polaroid camera (1960)

Mine taken with my friend’s ‘new’ polaroid camera (2017)

Yours, yellowed, colors fading,

Mine, stark white with bold colors.