By: Sofia Calavitta

Too long we have forgotten
The story of breath in our lungs

Depending on who you ask
We started from clay, dust,
Half of a ribcage, the salt of the
Earth, the water of the sea;
The old gods.

My bones are drawn to you,
Like something in me knows
Too long I have forgotten what it
Feels like to be

By your side I feel
Painfully awake.

Won’t you let me entwine with you?
I know you feel this magic between us.

Every cell hums with highways of your energy,
Vibrating deep to my soul, into that
Forgotten place we share

Remember? The one between your ribs.
Not your heart, we both agree, but
Somewhere below your sternum.

Too long we have forgotten
The delicious sin of witchcraft.
I gorge myself on you.

My head deep between your
thighs, intuition guides me to
where you sleep.

We have been lost for so long,
Lost in the roads of our own
Vibrations, the backstreets and alleys
Of our interconnectivity

How am I so connected to you?
I know you feel this magic between us.

We flow like the softest avalanche,
Devouring the toothpick trees of

We will defeat you, the jaded, armed with
misinterpreted ancient texts.
Our faith has been stolen, the memories of
Breath in our lungs, taken from us and wrapped
In the inky opacity of human opinion.

Let me breathe her.
Feel the skin on mine, eyes glazed over
In deep knowing.

Let us worship the old gods; the
Salt of the earth, water of the sea, the
Half of a ribcage, dust, clay, of our own

Too long we have been
Locked outside of our
Flesh, refused entry to the understanding
Of our human-ness

Too long their claws have
Ripped out the hair on my
Head, bleeding and bruised I have
Too long we deny our own
Inclinations, of stone and rock and
Divine channels. Of ghosts and graveyards,
Spirits, ethereality of all forms we have
Cut off.

Too long their blood filled
Our mouths, constant reminder of
The wrongness we are contained in

My highways, my highways, they are drawn to her.

Can’t you see how we are joined?
My floodgates do not dare release
For anyone but the holder of the
Keys to my thousands of barriers

She unlocks me!
Each molecule of mine screams
In recognition, slotting together of
Foreheads and lips and eyelashes.

I open like the gates that have been closed for too long.

Too long, too long, too long,

My soul swells,
Pacific heartbeat fills my head,
Warm waters, sinking cold toes
Dangling through the depths of your

Drifting down to the bottom,
Head dizzy from lack of
Air, but I know I breathe something
Different when
I’m with you

If only I could open my mouth
And drown myself in the
Waters of our relationship;

A beautiful bloated corpse I would be.