By: Andre Stevens

Scream. yellin all the time. a chill pill Is what you need to find some. I like to bury myself very deep within my mind. You say i’m mental, but i’m sentimental when it comes down to my rhymes. you just take my rhyme book and throw them away all time. I love you you’re my mother, you always been there for me, but you know writing rhymes and producing music has always been my destiny. you said no matter what happens you will always stand next to me, but not just only me, but our whole family. I love you and my sisters a lot. you guys are the only thing i’ve got. instead of thinking about people getting stabbed killed or shot. I just want you to know I love ya’ll a lot. I’m smart but I make bad choices. inside my head I hear many voices. I hate how people can be so simple minded. by the truth there severely blinded. fear is like a wall and they hide behind it. I shall feel no fear as I walk threw the valley of death of my crimes and wrong doings. to you people I must confess my soul is not eternally blessed. life is like a test and im trying my best but never the less I always seem to fail. I used to think school was a prison but without any bail. but god can only tell what the future holds for me. I pray for a better life. I just beg and plead. the people at connections are really fun to be around. its really funny when Mitch stomps on the ground. you know what I found, I found a open door I can finally walk threw. come with a couple of friends on the side. coming to this school was like the best choice I could ever make. it’s a good feeling. I won’t allow anyone to take it. I just let the words flow out of my mouth and on to the paper. I just attach them to the pages as if my words was a stapler. I consider myself as the king of free style. when I get lost in my music I feel like a free child. President Bush is now said to be to be a lame duck he’s burying himself a deeper hole and seems to be stuck. he’s wanting to send more troops in to Iraq but it’s not like he’s fighting on the battlefield so I think that decision is whack. but then again it could hopefully end the war so they can get out of Iraq and not go back there any more. Just like New Orleans and the hurricane. bush is the one to blame. he could have told those people to evacuate way before the hurricane came. the feeling before that, will never be the same. they’re burnt by the sorrow and constant pain.