By: Danielle Greer

Ever since I was little I’ve been close to my family, yet as I grew older I started to lose sight of how important they are. I started disrespecting my parents and never spending any time at home. I thought my friends were more important and more fun. I went through some rough ties and had a wakeup call. All those socalled “friends” weren’t there, but my family was. Even after all I had put them through they stood by me. It really put things into perspective for me and made me realize I need to remember where I came from and what’s important. Your family is the most important people in you life. Friends come and go but family lasts forever. So I believe people need to realize how important their family is and stop taking them for granted. Don’t forget there you came from and next time you’re going through hard times take a look around as see who’s still by your side.