By: Benjamin Abbas

Do you know the Muffin Man?

His lifelong dream was to play in a band

Instead his feet are buried in sand.

If he skipped work he would be canned

His boss bringing down the iron hand

Another job he would demand

Ripping hair out strand by strand

In a library, books he scans

Swatting flies hovering by the fan

He’d rather be a fat caveman

You think this poem is super crazy

It’s not, I’m just lazy

Nothing better to do when it’s hazy

I’m so good at this I’m like Jay-Z

While judges listen to my rhyme,

It’s so long they think it’s a crime

If you read slow you’re out of time

Right now in my prime

Rhythm moving so fast it feels sublime

Move your hands and feet

To the non-stop beat

Some would say it’s a treat

To listen to something so sweet

If you can’t dance, go to the street

Where there will be a giant fleet

Of people waiting in burning heat

Until you can dance like the elite