By: Jessica Prater

I hear that knock on the door, it is the thunder calling.
Outside there are thousands of pasts,
and would have been future memories.

Glass spheres float adrift in the sky,
tempting me to fall into the looming thoughts of
regret and what if. Too much time has been spent on counting.
Counting and pondering over the past events
that each raindrop holds,

each memory it makes me feel

The black sky parts for a brief moment,
as if it needed to sneeze, and a tiny sliver of
orange purple sky dares to unleash itself.
The brief spark of life fills the individual drop,
it brightens each one up a bit.

instead of looking at a once cloudy sky, the color is now a comforting purple.

Purple with a dash of yellow and a pinch of blue,
A certain blue that is whispering at me to dance,
Dance in the rain,
let each drop sprinkle on me,
let those memories and joy cover me.

covering me so that I am not soaking with the thought of regret,

Celebrating where my life has taken me so far.
Behind me is sound of thunder,
I am now dancing in the rain.