Yes, That is Why...

By: Elizabeth B. Kelly

The wind and rain, two things I love most. They go hand in hand, the wind and rain. First, the wind blows through and tells the world to be quiet and listen; then the rain comes and washes away horrible things. The gentle rain cleanses the souls of the listeners and those who don’t listen do not know the blessing.

I also love the earth because of her many signs of life and love. Trees, who laugh when the wind tickles them and grass that defies anything against it, birds, with their songs of love and flowers that reach to touch the sun. Yes, I love the earth. She tries so hard to protect us but hardly anyone remembers to thank her. It’s sad, but my love for her is true, for it does not pity.

The snow, so pure and white, it is probably the purest thing I’ve ever seen. When it falls it is quiet, like it does not want to disturb anyone. The way it lays on the ground, it’s as if it is hugging the earth. Yes, the snow is an innocent child who tries to hug and love everything. Sometimes when I am lonely, I wish it could hug me.

Oh spring and fall, the colorful days you give us should be treasured for eternity. Flowers of life and sleeping leaves. Life and sleep, separate, but same, both beautiful in their own way. I love how things sing at the sign of fresh charm and elegance. I love how all things become silent and peaceful for sleep. And then all sings again, it is an endless cycle of lovely things. Yes, I love these too.

But all these things I love so much, they can be cruel, for they never stay and I can not hold them. But this is why I love you. I know you will stay with me and that you will hold my hand. You can hold me and you will never say good-bye. That is why I love you more than the wind and rain, the earth and snow, the spring and fall. I can’t hug the memories of those precious things, but I can hug you, even from far away. Yes, that is why I love you.