Life in a Swamp of Lies

By: Brandon Rainwater

Never wanted to be proven wrong
Even when trapped in a corner
Heart thumping;
Knee's quivering;
Lip's trembling;
As my mind races to cover up yet another

What started out as one little innocent white lie
Has splintered out into uncountable amounts

One white lie never hurt any one
At least that’s what I've been told
But one white lie never lasts
Another lie is waiting to come into play

Never wanted to become a liar
So I lied to keep my lies the truth

Before long my lies began to run into each other
Becoming completely unmanageable
The puzzle pieces began to splinter and mold apart
My tall tales became my truth
My life;
What I believed;
Life as I know it is nothing but one vast lie
A fake is what I’ve become