Be Aware: It Happens Everyday

By: Hailey Cannon

she cuts and bleeds to fell the pain
she cuts and bleeds, it leaves a stain
she cuts and bleeds everyday
she cuts and bleeds because she cannot say
say what she needs, what she wants
if she does it will cost
cost a price too high to pay
all because she cannot say
what she wants
she doesn’t want to pay
if you’re wondering about the price
it is her soul, her dignity,
everything she holds
people will laugh
what will they think?
“let’s send her to a shrink”
they will say
no, that can’t happen
so she cuts away
cuts away her dreams
cuts away her fears
cuts away everything
no more tears
come from her eyes
you want to know why?
because she died
died from the pain
it drove her insane
died from you, died from me
died from everything she couldn’t be
died from the laughter of all those kids
died because she didn’t “fit in”