Pure Love Stricken Ballroom

By: Becky Peda

through the blistering cold she falls to her feet
to land in the warmth of your touch
her glass slippers give way to the dancing
but the scent of your voice is too much
the chandeliers hang from the ceiling
the cocktails overflowing with pride
her hair falls in curls down her shoulder
but to her it’s just one place to hide
the orchestra’s playing the romance
and the sound paints a picture of love
gorgeous dresses sing the melody
no more tears fall from above
it’s the essence of beauty
it’s the scent of the night
it’s the sound of her voice
burns the fears to all right
it’s the cocktails and dancing
it’s the tables for two
it’s the scarred girl in her beauty
it’s her eyes framed to you.
it’s the hall that looks perfect
it’s the time freezing still
it’s pure love stricken ballrooms
flowing deep enough to kill