Still Stand–Stand Still

By: Brittany Frazier

What happens when you’re at a stand still in life?

high school seemed to go by fast –

and now you’re left with memories.

Whether you were the individualist, the beautiful

person, the jock, the punk rocker, or the nerd,

in the end you’re not concerned

with what the next person said or heard.

You’re still trying to understand life and find your worth,

unsure of what you’ll become –

you gotta press on

but you’re at a stand still.

But you stay optimistic, so yet in still, you stand, still . . .

Stress is at an all time high,

you’re about to venture off into the adult world.

Yesterday you were mommy’s little boy or daddy’s little girl.

They may not be ready –

they gotta press on

but they’re at a stand still.

They’re afraid to let go, so yet in still, they stand, still . . .

They are always there when no one else will be.

They will be there for you when you need to be saved

in this world of the unsaved.

My parents have made heart incisions

and have given timely provisions

because of them I know who I am

and where I want to be.

No longer am I at a stand still.

I owe them all I have to give.

I will do nothing but give back 100% as long as I shall live.

So for them I stand.