An Everyday Misfit's Dream

By: Catherine Strayhall

When you dream of becoming a writer,
You get stories embedded in your soul
Ideas of near and far-off lands,
And journeys down rabbit holes.

Every tale is a world all its own
With heroes that find a place in your heart
For despite the challenges they might face
They prevail through courage, love, and smarts

As we watch our favorite heroes struggle
We learn about ourselves, and who we are
We feel their excitement joy, and despair
And with them, we wish upon a star

No hero is perfect as everyone knows;
We identify with their weaknesses more than their strengths
Our obstacles are like the villains our heroes fight
They seek to destroy us and our hopes at any length

What we want is for our heroes to be like us
Misfits in an everyday place
All we want is for something special to happen to us
To know we can take down any challenge we face

So when you dream of becoming a writer
Know that the heroes will become close personal friends
And that no matter where your own story's going
Theirs will never end.