Dr. Suess-Athon

By: Nick Wassmer

When so many things stop and they clatter, up in the jabambaway things hip, hop and shatter. For up in this place a great WHO lurks about For the little who-whoians ask and they pout. For the lorax knows best, so the Lorax puts those who-whoians to the ultimate test!! For the lorax shows those who-whoians whose who is the best. In this process the cat and the hat shows up to watch as a guest, but in the midst of it all, the Truffula trees are crashing with a great fall!! There’s fish out of water, that’s no good, no good at all. Someone must do something! Call in the butter ball! The battle has started, yet surprisingly ends for lorax yells stop!!! Can’t we all be friends? So just like that that battle was called off, and the whowhoians returned home as the war began to doff. If it weren’t for the lorax the day would have been bad, for the all the who-whoians seemed to be glad. And that was the end of the struggle among which was dealt by the lorax with only a small glitch. For that was the test which ended in one small hitch. There was no best, no best at all. For every who-man and women must know, the best is not possible without starting a brawl. For up in the jabambaway arose such a squall.