Who We Are

By: Blaire Ginsburg

Who dreams?
Who dares to enter such a realm?
Visions, fleeting,
Escaping with the waking flutter,
Living on bated breath
And translucent promises of
A world all your own;
A world anew.

Who sings?
Who dares to give song?
Melody, lilting in the window,
And harmony's twine,
A thing of beauty,
Do so lure you to the door,
And you are captured by it,
Drowned in it once again.

Who dances?
Who dares to make movement expression?
Extension of the heart,
You are free beyond words,
Thriving off of air and
The world moving beneath your feet.
Music lives within you,
And there are no limits.

Who writes?
Who dares to translate the indescribable?
Words, black and white,
Taking you where you have never gone,
Blind and bind you to reality.
Here, it is where time is supple
And the pen is free flowing
And you cannot stop the coming story.