Leap of Faith

By: Mary Rueschoff

Along with the shhing of the pointe shoe on the stage
The smooth, sweet music playing to her sharp moves.

Spinning like a little girl in the rain
Making it look so easy, but yet so hard
The precise frappe out of the spin
Like a prancing reindeer in the snow.

The lights as bright as the sun
Staring into them trying not to look at the audience to much,
In case of falling of balance from nervousness.

One extra turn and she would do it,
But now it’s there and it happened
The judges had to have seen it
It was as clear as water
So broken she remembered…
Robby! The music man!
She had to get his attention so he could slow the tempo
So she could get back up and cover up her upsetting mistake.

One leap was it up
She went her legs opened and shut like scissors cutting paper
She had done it and won
Dance is like life
It has an end and a beginning and some mess-ups in between.