New Hymns

By Caroline Stickney

we sink
& choke on our own want
& decide it’s enough
& pull down our own quiet
& swim in swallowed songs
& follow our own wounds home
& peel back our skin
& look at the mess we’ve made

Outside Looking In

By Connor Rice

My head tends to spin
Because I’m on the outside looking in
My heart starts to yearn
The secrets of friendship I wish to learn
I want to be inside
And to be filled with pride
I can imagine myself in there
With the warm refreshing air

Let Me Show Me

By Bailey Reinoehl

Look at her,
I look at myself.
I see him,
I see myself.
I find what I want...
It’s not an option.

Song of Ice and Fire

By Lauren McGrath

Stare into these eyes of flame

Warm embrace of blazing love

Wild animal you cannot tame

Feral beauty of gentle dove


Gaze into these eyes of fire

Scorching heat of kindled lust

Burning secret of past desire