Elementia desire


Choosing to Hurt

By Jessica Sutter

He leaves his shoes on the doorstep. Size twelve and a half, wearing through the toes and curling with wrinkles of use. He stopped working at the orchard in November, but red Oklahoma mud still caulks the crevices and holes, stains the laces.

From Dusk Till Dawn

By Brooke Shippee

From dusk till dawn  I search,

I look From town to town,

This person I am told can give A smile for every frown.

Up and down These hills I look I never seem to find

That person I am looking for, Who is loving and so kind.

Mystery Dream

By Alyssa Rydell

Staring into a vast,  black emptiness  counting sheep-1, 2, 3...  Consciously lying under  the matted black blanket,  Until all consciousness  has been lost out to sea.  Soaring over mile-high waves  of blue and green into the sunset,  The silhouette of her  makes everything seem calm.  Nearing t

Outside Looking In

By Connor Rice

My head tends to spin Because I’m on the outside looking in My heart starts to yearn The secrets of friendship I wish to learn I want to be inside And to be filled with pride I can imagine myself in there With the warm refreshing air I’m in a situation that I can’t win Unless I am taken in By a f

Let Me Show Me

By Bailey Reinoehl

Look at her, I look at myself. I see him, I see myself. I find what I want... It’s not an option.

Color shows on her hair, color shows in my eyes. Color brightens his arms, color runs from my mind. Color is what I want... It’s not an option.

Song of Ice and Fire

By Lauren McGrath

Stare into these eyes of flame

Warm embrace of blazing love

Wild animal you cannot tame

Feral beauty of gentle dove


Gaze into these eyes of fire

Scorching heat of kindled lust

Burning secret of past desire