Relics of the Past

By: Michelle Chan

The peace the nations had promised
Some days that were gold
Now all fade into stardust
Disappearing with the old

Yet the Earth shock beneath them
Then the final warning rung
They whom nature condemned
Lost their wings because of the sun

Taken to a nuclear reactor
Where the heavens are above
Power that seeked recapture
Among the forgotten ones they loved

Who could tame the hearth?
No one can, that’s what,
as the ocean water rises
The heat rising on surfaces of Earth
Just like sky-rocketing gas prices

The victims such disaster
Swallow smoke in the air they breath
What to do hereafter?
The generation doesn’t know and grieves.

An ocean of debris
Surround the Nations of war
As far as the eye can see
The never-ending things they fight for

As you stand in the quiet
In the Catastrophe stricken nation
And in the cities collapsing under riot
They are beaten by their devastation

Should they look to peaceful cranes?
To embrace hope in the heart?
Or suffer in the pattern of war chains?
Where love never starts?

Love that is raw and pure
For the humans, Who are one and the same
The answer to the pain; the final cure.
If it cannot be found; then who else is to