By Anonymous

What will you let yourself know?

And what will you put in boxes

And crush

Hoping it won’t spring up again


By Gaby Kill

My brother’s just moved into college!

Well, not entirely- there’s still his coffee machine and a box of granola bars, but we’re driving those to him today.

1980s Coke Party

By Billie Croft

The deciding factor in

whether or not I’d breach the boundary between binaries

was a gender neutral bathroom sign.


I heard someone belt a show tune in the shower while

another howled. Someone else took off their jeans, stuffed

ice cubes

By Arden Yum

I rub ice cubes on my face in the morning

when it is swollen from soy sauce

or bad dreams or no sleep. The water beneath

my skin is thick like jelly, yellow & responsive

to touch. I lose track of the bones. I want the


By Lukas Bacho

After 《木兰辞》, first transcribed ca. 500 CE


translate: to carry from one state to another, as Enoch was translated, that is, carried to heaven without dying [1]


By Hiba Faruqi

From the moment a screaming woman thrusts us into the world,

Soft, bloody heads first.

We begin to deteriorate.

For some, that occurs at a faster pace than others.