Dear Whom Ever Cares to Listen

By: Andre Stevens

I’m a new york kid. there i was born and raised. outside on the block that’s where i spent most of my days, but now my vision’s in a haze. my mom said, what i’m going through is just a phase, but i know now that’s not the case. without my dad my heart has an empty space i can’t remember the last time i seen my father’s face. it’s like i’m drifting out to outer space. my life is kinda bad, i want some other kid to take my place. i’m like a man without a face. either they don’t notice i’m there or about me they just don’t care. life is just not fair. if i don’t get my dad now, a war i will declare. if i ever see my dad again i will cry tears of joy and tears of pain. tears of knowing without him i will go insane. tears of fear that one day he will forget my name. i see other kids spending time with their dads. except for me. is this my punishment? is this what i get for being a menace to society? my sisters will eternally cry with me. not a hug not a kiss not a simple goodbye. i wanna tell my dad to his face that i love him before he dies. my dad is getting closer and closer to death. just thinking about it i can not sleep. i cannot rest. i wish i was a doctor so i could heal him. it’s just pissin me off that god’s slowly trying to kill him. the only thing i have to lean on is my music. this pain I’m feeling. nothing could ever soothe it. life is death. and you live to die. without my dad all i can do is sigh. this isn’t a song. it’s how i feel. i don’t write about anything that i don’t feel. that’s real. now i’ll close this letter with my own painful seal.

(To my dad who once walked beside me but now starts to fade in the pain filled mist called corruption)