By: Sasha Watson

sister I am trapped, my body weighted 
by morning, when I woke
birds were calling till my heart stammered 
this time gives meaning to suspended

I can hear the rain, my call for you, 
making a new language as it breaks 
a tenuous sky
everything is battling to be beautiful

one way to love a sister, 
wait for her
as the birds steal her away
they are flying south, moving on

wind and homesickness
I was told they flew north 
which isn’t a lie
but a half-truth, half their path

birds go south to trace a circling song 
seeking where they began
shameless of their cries 
calling for home

in the rain, birds twist their bodies
at every beat, they have been moving 
for so long they know where to find 
rhythm in the endless outpouring

if I stay anticipation will kill me 
I do not trust the cycle
to bring you home
somewhere, birds have freed you