Rainy Nights

By: Abbey Mock

I sit in my bed,

Rain pouring outside,

Sadness of the past flooding through my windows,

The night that my father left,

The day he decided I did not matter,

At a young age,

I was left alone,

On a rainy night like this one,

Hours past,

He returned home,

Threw things at the wall,

Forgot I was there,

Grabbed a beer,

Fell asleep,

My mother came home,

Knew what happened,

She could have done something,

But didn’t,

She fed me,

Went to bed,

For years it went on,

My sister was born,

Looked exactly like him,

He took favorites,

He took care of her,

Even though,

He did not work,

He was a drunk,

Until one night,

A night like this one,

I was saved,

My uncle told him to get out,

He left,

Never seen again,

On rainy nights like these,

The rain cries my sorrow away.