By: Ben Jensen

She was like a spider.
Walking youthfully and childlike,
on the verge of being crushed.

She was robbed of her innocence,
it was taken away before her prime.
She sat staring out the window,
the tears falling like the rain outside.

She was sitting alone with nothing.
Amongst the torn pictures of friends she let slip away.
Her love she put too much trust in.
She left her friends, and he left her.

She reminisced on what she once had
and looked at what she had now.
A dead flower, a few snapshots, thoughtless decisions,
 and no one to turn to.

She cried as she watched her best friends of ten years walk away.
They were walking away because she had given up on them
She had given up on them, for her love.
The love that was gone.

Her decisions left her with no one.
Her decisions robbed her of childhood and left her with loneliness.
She sat without a friend and no hand to hold.
Her mistakes behind her and tears to mend.

She was gone.
She was alone.
She was the enemy.
She was the lost.
She was the child that had grown up too fast.
She trusted him too easily.
She was the one who put too much forward.
She was the one who loved and was left behind.

She was the spider.
She was crushed.