Straight Back To Nothingness

By: Becky Peda

Honestly, if you ever think about it
No one ever knows where to turn,
The corridors are melting into hallways
These hallways are melting into hell.

And come on, believe it
No one ever knows how f'd up they are,
Especially when they are convinced they’re fine,
When you have convinced them there’s nothing to cry for.

But their tears are dripping like wax from a candle
And as you watch them they dry to a crisp,
They stiffen and stick, a pure shot of evidence
That their armors of battle have been ripped.

And as they turn to the left
There’s nothing to be seen,
And as they turn to the right,

There’s just nothing left.
So the hallways will keep melting
And our strange minds colliding
Until everything is gone,
It’s all been discarded.

And the nothingness will turn into corridors,
And the corridors will melt into hallways,
As the hallways melt directly into hell,
And this hell leads us straight back to nothingness.