Elementia purpose


Secrets Scrawled on the Astragal

By Brett Seaton

It’s strung together through the fibers on the back of the lost Dreams that leave you sweat-stained and hopeful How dare we doubt ourselves? In the midst of our mist and making, we think to miss? The power lines crackling with your work your thoughts your history you don’t get to be They lie ther

carpet girl

By Yasi Farahmandnia

in this town words hold hostages not meaning. if i cry i will bleed, and i will lose, integrity and i will rip apart the frontdrop that has made my portraits pretty for (maybe) minutes on end.

It Doesn't Matter

By Michelle Moore

It doesn’t matter, When the sun sets to the west It doesn’t matter, How fast the current is in the ocean It doesn’t matter, When a storm passes through the plains It doesn’t matter, The way stars twinkle in the night sky It doesn’t matter, When the sun shines on a sandy beach It doesn’t matter, I

Turning Life Into an Art

By Rachel Franklin

What are we here for? Might there be a purpose that is more? Maybe only time can tell the true meanings of our lives; it doesn’t lie. That’s the power behind our efforts that continue till we die.

Ordinary School Girl

By Hridya Kakumanu

I am an ordinary school girl, I have homework, I have assignments, I have essays, and I have tests.

I have lots of things to do, lots of places to be, lots of goals to accomplish, lots of deadlines to make, and lots of things to think about.


By Vaugh McMahon

What is life? Is it the short time between birth and death? Is it a chance to do something? If it is, then what? Do we pursue happiness? Do we try to help others? Or are we all here to fulfill a purpose? If we are, how do we find it? We don’t. We do all of the above. In the time period stated. We