Turning Life Into an Art

By: Rachel Franklin

What are we here for?
Might there be a purpose that is more?
Maybe only time can tell the true meanings of our lives; it doesn’t lie.
That’s the power behind our efforts that continue till we die.

We were made to serve a changing world, and gallantly we do.
The thousands of years - time behind the tears, whew!
Creation was just the start.
Now human beings have turned life into an art!

Struggling to prove ourselves, trying all our life.
In our head are the most ambitious thoughts that could lead to joy or strife,
We are not satisfied with all that we have done,
And as we get better, out more ideas come!

Our thoughts will not reach their peak,
Bigger and better, it’s our destiny to seek.
But while our valiant lifelong search goes on,
Many more ideas are lost or gone.

Preserving our history is a part of shaping our future, and it must be done.
Hoping that some day past and present will be one.
But, as the human art continues, we never know what is in store,
 We can only hope our race’s ventures will be more.