Secrets Scrawled on the Astragal

By: Brett Seaton

It’s strung together through the fibers on the back of the lost
Dreams that leave you sweat-stained and hopeful
How dare we doubt ourselves?
In the midst of our mist and making, we think to miss?
The power lines crackling with your work your thoughts your history you don’t get to be
They lie there, carried on the shoulders of wooden giants for you
Sitting in a whirlpool
White noise: the sound of the drowned
I make out the swish of our custodian’s paint brush
Sweeping beauty into cylindrical corridors
Entropy blooming like our happiness
But we cower inside don’t we?
Pull your blankets tighter around yourselves, hold those sheets tight
Good luck sleeping at night when the heat’s not right
Black sheep are eaten by the wolf
Hit me hit me hit me again
We all are just here anyway
Look out for a minute
The world is a monologue
Hot buttons and cold wars, do we need another stimulant?
Look back and tell us where we’ve been
Take it out into the rawness
Not polished till it’s flawless but a song for someone’s solace
Sing it till your name stops