Beyond the Final Umbra

By: Zac Stower

A thousand stark crosses

Plotted on a green hill

Once moving a thousand miles an hour

Now stand still.

At life’s bloody terminus

We are told they are the purest of all of us

The rolling front blending together

Forming a sea of forever

A canvas ravaged with uniform dials

For uniform men

Filling uniform files

Drifting together

In their uniform sin.

Now the timeless

Keep time.

Their shadows cast long

In the late setting sun.

Only able to regret

Neglecting the future in the past

Fathoming now in past’s future.

The lucky few are rare to see

Peering through the darkness

To their future only they can see

Who make it to self-actuating immortality

Cast a unique umbra

Wasting no light on any but they

For all of eternity.