Crying for the Beauty

By: Catherine Strayhall

With winter gone, she can THROW her window open wide
With spring arriving, she can dance in bright SUNSHINE.
This is what it is to LIVE without regret;
To know she can NEVER FORGET, only move on.
With BLUE above, so open, so clear and bright
How wild and FREE she can be in no one’s sight.
And as she stares UP, it’s like for the first time
In so long, she can LOOK God in the eye.

Smelling the scent of WILDFLOWERS all around,
BREATHING in new life, new hope, new days,
She knows that her heart SINGS for spring.
She prays that she’s ready to FEEL something.
And with sunlight FALLING down upon her shoulders,
She LAUGHS, her burdens gone.
Who knew SPRING could bring her back?
She SPINS all around;
She dances, one with the WIND.
She CRIES for the beauty that she realizes every day is.
At long last, she can OPEN her eyes
To a WORLD ready for her reentrance.