By: Anna Jones

Built into the foundation
Of this very earth
Is a virtue,
More mysterious,
More powerful
Than life itself.

Etched in the building blocks of heaven,
Inscribed on the clouds up high,
Written below the ground I walk,
Engraved on the sidewalks in the sky.

Before the sun was created,
On the day the lord made light,
It escaped from his heart onto the land,
That gives us all our might.

Might to believe,
Might to care,
Might to cherish,
It’s everywhere.

My heart is overflowing,
With that virtue cast into our core,
Who would have thought love was so meaningful?
But without it we’re nothing at all,

Just empty shells,
Going through motions,
Day after day,
Without any emotion.

It’s the light in the dark,
The big in the small,
The warmth in the cold,
And yet nothing at all.

It remains the biggest mystery,
We have yet to solve,
But I’m not worried,
I always know,
It’s there inside us all.