Drip Drop

By: Maggie May Price

Today is one of those days, where everyone stops to take a minute and appreciate what we have, rather than what we want. We worry about the tiny little things in life that don’t matter, instead of the things that can change our life. Today is one of those days.

It feels comparable to a cool breeze on a windy night. It sprinkles lightly, yet still stays strong.

It tastes similar to the rainbow. The several colors combine into one and make rain.

It smells fresh, as if daffodils were picked from a meadow. They smell pungent with a relaxed feeling to them.

It looks as if golden drops have fallen from the sun. The drops tumble down from the sky making everything moist.

I can hear Mother Nature calling out to us. As we thank her for the sprinkle that we desired.

Rain, it drips down my cheek. As we jump and splash in the puddles. Drip-drop. We can hear the pattern of it, but then it changes once more. The joy and excitement that it brings us. Makes the world peaceful and content for a while.

The rainbow swiftly crawls out of the sky. We know that we now have to say goodbye. Rain, rain go away, come again another day.