In The Morning

By: Elly Herman

In the morning, I open my eyes
Sit up and stretch, and let out small cries.
I wiggle my toes, and crinkle my nose,
And get out of bed to the sound of rooster crows.
I slip on my jeans, and my long furry coat,
I creep downstairs and out to feed the goat.
I live on a farm, with my uncle and aunt,
I want to go to school but I can’t.
I am very smart, not many shady kids are,
12 years old but I can still be a star.
One day I’d like a school named after me,
Nobody listens, “I’m just a small pea.”
As I walk out of our house, I stop and think,
“Is this who I am?” And just let that thought sink.
In my head, it seems to grow inside,
“Is this who I am?” It echoes in my mind.
I’m only 12, but I can see,
A successful future ahead of me.
As I walk to the field, I thought and thought,
Because that one thought had me thinking a lot
One day I will have a school named after me, one day,
But since I am only 12, I should just go out and play.
Not only play but to work around the farm too,
As I think about my future, I head off to feed the chickens in the chicken coop.
My name is Lois Smith,
And in the morning,
I like to think about,
My future,
But then again,
My future,
Is just a myth