The Song Within

By: Emy Blake

The lovely tune sounding brilliantly through the air
Wonderful feelings as the clear notes catch
The song shines and gleams, its rays golden and fair

As the words pour out, so does the sadness that lingers in the soul
The song is like a flower blooming after a long winter’s rest
Falling tears dry up and are replaced with smiles genuine and full

No danger can occur, nothing can go wrong
As long as the melody plays on and on
There is nothing like the beauty and wonder of the song

It is indescribable the way it spreads light
Warming the heart and filling it with joy
The feathery wings of the song grow as it takes flight

The lyrics and the notes brush through the wind
All sorrow is forgotten, all troubles left behind
Gentle and sweet, the song is a friend

The song continues on, the heart pours out emotions
It tells of freedom, and joy, of truth, and hope
Vast and calming, the song is like the emerald oceans

The song is a candle endlessly burning
Staying strong, the flame does not waver
It takes away the darkness, takes away the yearning

The melody ends the fear and helps the courage begin
It brings a sense of rightness
Because this song comes from within