The Trees and Us

By: Rachel Stander

Once, before the people moved in,
before they took my brothers
and sisters
and cousins
and friends,
I saw the sun.
I grew up
and I grew strong,
trying to reach the sky.
I meant to make
the world beautiful,
but I was robbed
of the opportunity
and I was conquered
and processed
and covered
in symbols I never understood
and I was a tree
and I missed the sun.

Once, the people evolved,
they grew into sisters
and brothers
and cousins
and friends,
they met the sun.
They grew out
and they grew powerful
and they tried to reach the sky.
They meant to make
the world theirs.
They robbed the whole Earth
by seizing their opportunity
to conquer
and process
and cover
her with inadequacy and incompetence
and they were the people
and they missed the point.