Amateur Magicians

By: Amanda Pendley

Somehow, I pull the words out of my mouth like the colorful scarves inside the sleeve of an amateur magician
And we are both trying so hard
To save our best magic trick to use on ourselves
So that everyone can stop asking so much of us
Such constant noise and one day we will show them how you can spend the day prophesizing yourself into the sky
So that finally there is a wash of shhhh over the crowd as the clouds clear for constellations to take center stage
And now they are the ones spilling and overflowing with all of their stagnant connections
There is so much to be gained just by looking at them
And the same by looking at us
Trying our best
Reminding ourselves that even if we don’t have all the answers
we will always have an abundance of possible solutions
We are the people that connect the dots and give meaning to nothing and it’s time that I start piecing together the stars that once belonged in my brain,
Look up at the aurora borealis
I was never fooling anyone
These colors are exactly what they appear to be